Rick Springfield Car Magnet

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Grab one of these removable car magnets to let everyone know you're on your way to see Rick Springfield in concert (finally again...welcoming back 2021 concerts after an enduring pandemic).

Not only can these 6x4 inch, oval shaped 35 Mil magnets be used as refrigerator magnets, shelf magnets and office cabinet magnets, but they are outdoor safe and can be used outside as well.

DISCLAIMER: The magnetic side of the product must be applied to a metal alloy surge when used on a vehicle. It is recommended to remove and clean the magnet weekly as well as after the rain. There is no warranty expressed or implied against loss of magnets or damage to to vehicle surfaces, as we have no control over how magnets are cared for, altered, store and/or used, or the surface to which the signs are applied. For maximum magnetic adhesion, please allow magnets to adjust to room temperature before apply to metal surface.