Book: World on Fire (Hard cover)

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World on Fire is the self-published sequel to Rick's novel, Magnificent Vibration. Only 1000 have been made, making this a first print edition. 

World on Fire picks up where Magnificent Vibration left off: with the hapless Bobby Cotton and his beloved bride (and former nun), Alice, having unleashed a global pandemic that’s fast wiping out half the world’s population - and at God’s request. Bobby guides a very pregnant Alice and a motley crew of survivors to the Holy Land, darting through the hazards of a world that has fallen to pieces in a way more thorough than any we have seen. But Bobby’s newborn daughter is born with astonishing abilities, and she’s not alone. A miraculous Convergence is headed for Galilee, where the stakes include survival of the Earth as we know it and the human race. By turns hilarious and deadly serious, World on Fire explores the fate of the Earth in an utterly original way.