VIP Meet n' Greet Rules

The dates we have available are listed. We have no information on any future dates at this time. Please check back periodically for future concert dates.

You will need to show a hard copy of your vaccination card upon entry to the VIP meet n’ greet. No digital copies will be accepted!

We are strongly enforcing our vaccination card policy for the meet n’ greets. Given the surge of the Delta variant of COVID, we are doing everything we can to protect Rick, his band and crew. We also want YOU to be safe, too. It’s been a long hiatus from live music, and the only way to ensure we stay working and you stay entertained is to follow safety protocols.

While we know some people are against the vaccine, it is each person’s prerogative of how to handle this issue for their own health. No vaccination card means you cannot meet Rick at this time, but he hopes to see you in the future when it’s safe. If you purchase a VIP pass and do not show a vaccination card at entry, you will be turned away and not refunded. 


By purchasing any VIP meet 'n greet pass, you are agreeing that you have read and understand the rules below. Please read these instructions as it will answer most of the questions you may have about your passes.

IF YOU CONTACT THE VENDOR or PROMOTER TO A SHOW, WE WILL CANCEL YOUR PASS, AND YOU WILL NOT BE REFUNDED. Absolutely no exceptions, and we will strictly enforce this rule. Any questions can be directed to us at

For the time being, we are kindly asking you to refrain from handshaking or hugging Rick. You will be required to wear a mask backstage until you have your opportunity to be photographed with Rick. Please practice social distancing during this event.

  1. We will email you a confirmation with all details. Please wait for this information and read it carefully, as it will answer nearly all of your questions.
  2. Your pass(es) will not be shipped to you. You will receive your pass at the meet and greet event.
  3. You may not exchange for another date/venue after your meet and greet has been purchased. ALL VIP Meet n' Greet passes are considered FINAL SALE. There will be no refunds given unless it is our error. 
  4. Meet n' greet information will be sent out 1-2 days prior to the show. For travel planning purposes only, typically the greets happen about 45 minutes prior to show time. This time is subject to change depending upon the venue, and if other bands are performing the day of show.
  5. Late arrivals will not be accommodated.  You must be at the main entrance of the venue at the time required.  Refunds or other forms of compensation will not be given if you are tardy.
  6. Concert/show tickets are not included in your sound check package and must be purchased separately.
  7. Your host for the sound check is Joey. He has been given all of your information and may contact you should something change the day of show. Please keep your cell phone on just incase he needs to reach you. We are not responsible for not receiving this change of information should we not be able to reach you.
  8. This is a live event, and each meet 'n greet experience is unique. We do not guarantee a set amount of time you will spend with Rick. The meet 'n greet is exclusive to you and the limited number of other fans who also purchased passes for that day. Rick normally has 30 minutes to spend with this group. Please be aware that this time is shared, and you will have enough time to say hello, get an autograph and one photo taken. Please be respectful of the other fans’ time with Rick, just a you would expect them to respect yours. Do not hover while Rick is spending time with another fan. Kindly take a seat while he is taking photos and signing autographs with others. If you try to monopolize Rick’s time for yourself, you will be asked to leave the sound check. Refunds or other forms of compensation will not be given after a sound check is attended.
  9. Rick will not be available for phone calls, so please DO NOT hand him your cell phone.
  10. Anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be immediately escorted out of the venue. No refund will be given.
  11. We reserve the right to refuse the sale of meet n’ greet passes at anytime for any reason. Our employees do their best to create a very memorable experience for all fans. We do not tolerate foul language towards our staff for any reason. If you choose to do so, you will be banned from all future meet n’ greets.